It was late morning on 23rd December 2013 and I’d just taken a seat with the tourists in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey, ahead of a much-anticipated reunion with fellow Abbey choristers.


Between 1971 and 1975 this magnificent building had been my ‘home’, and my return was moving me spiritually to write music to reflect its wonders.


So began my evolution from chorister to CHORIS, The Cosmati Dream EP being released in July 2015.


The CHORIS sound melds vocal and instrumental elements into an expansive, enveloping, contemporary and multi-influenced soundscape of electronica.


A signature of the CHORIS sound is the use of guitar voices as lead instrumentation.


The Cosmati Dream EP and The Elemental EP both feature the ‘Single Dream’ voice.


Toulouse Heartbeat features the ‘Electric 12 String’ voice.


Both voices originate from the Yamaha MM6 synth.



My music releases are personal sonic reflections:


~The Cosmati Dream EP (on the beautiful building that is Westminster Abbey)


~Toulouse Heartbeat (on the mesmerising city that is Toulouse)


~The Elemental EP (on the stunning landscape of Coniston Water)


Enjoy the music and turn it up!








Elemental front

Photography by Sophie Atkinson

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